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Welcome to Orlando Chinatown!


Orlando has always been the first family vacation choice, it is also one of the fastest growing cities in the country.
With the emergence of the Southeast Asian community, Orlando Chinatown was established in 2002 with a mission to serve as the cultural hub for Americans Asian in the area and as a gateway to newly arrived immigrants. Strategically positioned among West Colonial Drive (SR-50) and its proximity to nearby highways and main roads, Chinatown is benefiting from the local community and healthy traffic counts.
Anchored by 1st Oriental Supermarket, this commercial condominium houses an array of Asian theme shops. It is a colorful and eclectic blend of not only Chinese, but also Koreans, Filipinos, Vietnamese and Indians cultures. “Variety” best describes the visitor’s Chinatown experience. One may consult an herbalist, have acupuncture, try a cup of bubble tea, buy a piece of precious jade or simply flock to the Supermarket to buy daily fresh BBQ food, bakery and produce. The draw of the area is undeniable-from delectable Asian restaurants to unique specialty shops, there is truly something for everyone!
Chinatown is still evolving and changing. The two new exciting projects-Chinatown Archway and Chinese dim sum restaurant are underway. Chinatown continues to incorporate a rich mixture of cultures, people and activities while maintaining a strong sense of Asian identity. Chinatown bustles with vitality and activity and it’s the spirit that will ensure its continuous growth. Its appeal to tourists will make Chinatown become a hot tourist spot in Central Florida.